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Light Haulage Ltd. (Bradford)

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Welcome to Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd.


Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. are a light haulage company based in the Bradford, West Yorkshire area, who can deliver virtually any type of carriage service that you might need undertaking.


We at Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. understand, from our years of combined experience, that haulage work is necessary, and not always desired, and because of this, we always aim to drive and to deliver, making the process as direct for you as possible.  


Because of this, and with whatever the carriage, whether small or large, from valuable documents up to retail pallets, business or personal – then Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. will work with our most valued client, you,  at every step of the way, to ensure that the standard that you have delivered, is no less than our normal standard – the best! Honesty, transparency, and speed of service – both customer service and actual service, are our watchwords.


With Bradford being so centrally located in the British Isles, Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. can undertake your delivery work anywhere in the country, depending on the type and scale of the contract that is required. We really can, in most circumstances, deliver anything anywhere.  


Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. have years of experience in the removals industry, in many aspects of the industry's needs – so much so that with Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. you can be guaranteed the most premium and safe of services, at the most competitive prices – the security of knowing you are getting the personalised service from a smaller company, but the strength of knowing you are backed by a large network of contacts and movers.


We believe at Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. that we are one of the region's, and the wider areas most fully skilled and qualified carriage firms, able to advise and to undertake the widest possible range of work possible.


To this end, Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. specialise in the following -


Last minute removal requests – Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. can usually accommodate any removal request, and due to being supported by a world class customer service team, we understand how matters can change at very short notice, and thus we can be flexible enough to plan for just about any last minute removals that you may have.


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With a vast client database of satisfied customers, our main services are as follows:


* National/International haulage


* Express/urgent deliveries


* Level 4 Security


* Air Courier service


* Available 24/7


* Fully Insured


* Guaranteed Reliability


* First class customer service


* Free advice always available

Always on time


From important documents to retail pallets we can ensure your load arrives at its destination safely and on time.



We ensure that we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can rely on us to be there when you need us.

UK and Abroad


We operate nationally and internationally - we really are the one stop shop for your carriage requirements.

Door to Door


We can now offer a door to door tracking service  


Please contact us for full details.

111 333 222 555 666

Available 24 / 7 – Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd, work around the clock, from weekends to Bank Holidays and beyond, whatever the weather, to deliver your items. We are fully insured, security cleared to Level 4.


We can delivery loads of up to 10 tonnes, and all our fleet of vans have onboard weighting systems included, so you can be assured that your load is carried according to EU regulations, and with curtained sided vehicles, better to load and unload your items, vastly negating the risk of damage.


Long distance removals – Due to our fleet of vans, and our national network, Dave Blackwell specialise in being able to carry your goods whatever the specification they are, to wherever you require in the UK.


International delivery – Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. offer, not only a region wide carriage service, but a national and an international one as well, in order to ensure your long distance carriage needs – all of which can be arranged by our associated Air Courier service.


Door to door tracking – Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. have recently introduced this ultra modern, handy service where we can afford the customer full accountability and piece of mind, during their carriage.  


Light haulage services – With our exclusive fleet of dedicated drivers and vans, we can accommodate  any haulage and carriage request that you might have, whether large or small, local or national, or with any specific special transport requests at all.


A nationwide network – In the unlikely event that we can't directly assist you, Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. have a nationwide network of transport specialist contacts, that will work with you, to ensure that your items are managed and shipped upon request.


A dedicated delivery service – Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. always assign a specific van or truck for your items, not transferring the goods from one vehicle to another mid shipment like other carriers do, for their benefit, not yours. A dedicated delivery system, means that mistake


In all of the above listed work, Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. your partners while the initial logistical work is carried out, while we work together from the hand over of the goods to our drivers, the tracking during transit, right up to the successful sign off of a job well done. To this end Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. will always be on hand to help advise you, free of charge, whether a customer, or not, about your delivery requests.  


With a market-leading range of  contacts standing ready to assist you with your delivery work, as well as a dedicated customer service team waiting for your call, why not call Dave Blackwell Light Haulage Ltd. directly on 01274 612132 for a no obligation quote, and an informal chat.


While we have mentioned a comprehensive list of the services that we provide, please do contact us directly on

01274 612132.